Team Development with LIFO

Our method allows for the exploitation of existing team strengths and the identification of ineffective operational patterns. The methodology also supports the creation of new teams and the selection of team members who can collaborate effectively.

Problem it solves

In many companies, the focus has shifted from individuals to teams in recent decades because colleagues can achieve more together than individually. However, several factors influence team performance, with one of the most important being harmony and collaboration among team members.
Problems: Stagnation within the team, recurring conflicts, recurring and difficult-to-change behavioral patterns, obstacles to effective collaboration, and communication difficulties.
To strengthen team dynamics and team development, by using the LIFO method to understand how your colleagues work, you receive immediate tips on how to approach them. Additionally, you can learn what to emphasize during a presentation or demo, depending on the target audience, thus facilitating communication and collaboration. By completing the LIFO questionnaire, the team can improve and strengthen, leading to enhanced team performance and morale.


During the assessment phase, individual assessments are conducted, where each team member completes a personalized Life Orientations (LIFO) questionnaire. The resulting reports are discussed individually with the participants, allowing colleagues to become acquainted with the LIFO approach and receive their analysis (35+ pages). Independently from individual feedback, we create the team profile, enabling a collective interpretation of the results.
Through a collaborative workshop with the team, we explore the most outstanding results, including the team's strengths and development potential. We examine how colleagues can work more effectively together and identify hidden sources of conflict within the team.
Supporting Steps:
  • Creating individual LIFO assessments
  • Providing individual LIFO feedback to each team member, where they become familiar with the LIFO system and can interpret their own and the team's analysis
  • Creating the team LIFO profile based on individual profiles
  • Processing the LIFO team analysis and determining development opportunities through a collaborative workshop with the team

The entire process deepens the team's level of trust, enhances colleagues' understanding of their own and others' behaviors, and enables more effective communication among themselves and with external colleagues and stakeholders.
Off-site training
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Our main methods and tools
The processing of results is always tailored to you and the team, ensuring that the key behavioral patterns are collectively addressed, resulting in unique solutions.
Our main tools include the LIFO questionnaire, group dynamics analysis, identification and interpretation of the five levels of conflict management for the team and key stakeholders, and the SCARF model, through which we develop personalized team development for you.

Realizable benefits

Understanding individual behavioral patterns, as well as interpreting and developing them at the team level, helps deepen the level of trust within the team. In the case of new teams, it facilitates a faster transition through the storming-forming phases, aids in understanding and processing conflicts, and enhances the team's ability to collaborate effectively and solve problems. Essentially, our approach leads to the creation of a more motivated atmosphere.


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