Lean Inception

A collaborative workshop to support the development of an idea for a product or service and to lay the foundations for its development.

The problem it solves

Are you developing a new product/service or incrementally improving an existing one? Not sure how to get started? Do you have too little information? Can't navigate between the different priorities and ideas of stakeholders when formulating a valid main concept?

To provide a facilitated framework for a collaborative workshop where stakeholders will jointly establish the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) concept which will be the base of the development and validation.
Although the term MVP is often misunderstood, its main purpose is to find out whether the product is worth further work. Therefore, features are selected by looking at what is valuable to our users. To do this, we need to understand who our users are, what activities they do that the product supports, and how we can measure whether they find it useful. The Lean Inception workshop will help you answer these questions, resulting in the formulation of a practical MVP.


The workshop will be attended by relevant experts and stakeholders.

The workshop will be divided into three main sessions:
  • Introduction - During which the facilitator will present the expected outcome, process and content of the workshop.
  • Exercises - Each day has a morning and an afternoon focus where workshop participants work together with the support of the facilitator.
  • Presentation - A presentation and discussion where participants present the results of the exercises to decision-makers and interested parties.

Each exercise starts by opening up the perspective, which is then gradually narrowed down and made more concrete to produce tangible, focused results. The following exercises are included in the workshop:
  • Visioning
  • Definition of objectives - What is the product/service and what is not? What does it do and what does it not do?
  • Creating user personas
  • Capabilities - Collecting features
  • Technical and business review of functions
  • Design of the user journey
  • Mapping product features to user journeys
  • Sequencing product features for development
  • Creating the MVP canvas
  • Create a risk matrix

Off-site training

If you are interested in our offsite training, please contact us directly.

Our main methods and tools

The facilitator-led, innovative outcome-focused workshop, lasting at least two days, draws on a variety of international good practices, including:
  • Paulo Caroli: Lean inception
  • Jonathan Rasmussen: Inception deck
  • Ash Maurya: Lean canvas
  • Design Thinking

In combination with these tools, we will tailor the topics to your capabilities and abilities based on a prior consultation.

Realizable benefits

Our working method will help you to collect, structure and prioritize creative ideas by defining a common development direction. Value creation can be initiated and implemented along the lines of objectives that are known to all.


Next steps
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