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Interview mistakes you'll definitely not hire anyone with today

It's surprising when a company makes interview mistakes like these, as there's so much competition for good employees these days.

The lines below happened, the interviewer told us personally. The company is an international technology giant with a very strong position in its own market worldwide. The job offered required many years of experience, but i was not a managerial job. The following events all took place during the interview. 


How to spoil the start of the interview?


An important piece of advice is that at least one of the interviewers, preferably the interviewer in charge, should be late! Then don't introduce yourself! This will help to create the right atmosphere for the interview. You can stretch the interview, scheduled for 60 minutes in the late afternoon, right from the start by giving a 20-minute monologue about completely irrelevant details. This guarantees a 100-minute interview.


The question section


The first is the candidate's introduction. You can get through that, then you can troll. Ask a question! Then make sure that the candidate doesn't finish the first sentence, which puts the question in context, but ask the question again! Repeat this several times!

When you have gone beyond that, ask personal questions! It goes completely against the accepted interview etiquette of today. But you don't have to deal with that!


Do without flexibility!


If you don't want to have a super employee in 2023, completely eliminate the home office and insist on being in the office from 9am to 5:30pm, regardless of whether you have the job! Oh, and top that off with working too late several times. They'll love it! But make sure that this information doesn't come out before the interview! Why screen out those who need it in advance?


Interview wrap-up: reveal (part of) your secrets!


It is not important to specify in the job description that the employment relationship is not actually with you directly, but with a recruitment agency! It is enough to tell it at the very end of the interview. That's fair and cool! However, if the candidate has questions, don't answer them! Just leave a bit of mystery!


If you follow all these points, you will definitely succeed in NOT FINDING a good employee! But if you do want to use professional interview techniques, here are some tips!


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