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Team performance model

An introduction to the seven levels of the Team Performance Model, which helps you to understand how a group becomes a team. What are these seven stages?

The Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Model presents seven stages that every team has to go through. Each of the seven steps has a question to be asked during teamwork. One such question is "Why are we here?" when forming a team. According to the model, the team has to go through all seven steps and if a team misses a step in its development, it will come back to it later. For each level in the model, there are definitions that describe the feelings that the team is likely to feel at that stage, grouped into two categories "before solution" and "after solution".


To help the team develop, from time to time we take the Team Performance Model and ask members to: Which station are we at? What do we need to move to the next stage? 


This model is also a good technique for Scrum Teams Retro-i. It can be used to start conversations about issues that are maturing unresolved in team members. Obviously, the model is not a panacea that will solve every problem, but it is a great place to start!  


The LIFO method is another tool that can be used to develop teams.


This article was written by By Zsuzsa Danka

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