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LIFO method - Development at individual and group level

A tool to develop at the team and individual level is LIFO, in othe words the Life Orientations. It helps us to identify our behavioural patterns.

The LIFO questionnaire helps us to assess the different behavioural patterns we instinctively resort to in preferred - within our comfort zone - and less preferred - outside our comfort zone, in stressful situations. The method can be used for individual and group development.

In the video below, Luca Veress gives a short introduction to the method.


LIFO is a tool that offers an opportunity for improvement, as by filling in the assessment questionnaire and evaluating our results, we are helped to use our strengths consciously. At the same time, it provides support in identifying blind spots.


Team dynamics and team development are also enhanced by the LIFO method, as by getting to know how your colleagues are performing, you get immediate tips on how to approach them. You'll learn what to put on speakerphone during a presentation or demo, for example. This will also help communication and collaboration. By completing the LIFO questionnaire, you can develop and strengthen your team, improving team performance and morale. The Team Performance Model was also covered in our previous article on how to turn a group into a team.  


You can also read about the method in English on the website.


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