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Our agile blog is a collection of contents, that empower you to master the Agile. You will get to know agile tools, tried and proved agile methods.

Zsu Danka
Agile Coach, M3.0 trainer

Are you an agile leader?

Are you an agile leader? If so, do you create opportunities or do you disrupt?

Latest articles

Where does agility come from?
Lead: Agility is no longer the prerogative of just developed Western companies. How can you make a successful agile transformation?
The Agile Coaching Growth Wheel
The Agile Coaching Growth Wheel is a tool to help and develop teams using agile practices.
Decades of budget planning are a thing of the past at IKEA
Instead of traditional budget planning, IKEA plans scenarios and scenarios that increase the flexibility of the organisation.
User stories and user story examples
The most important role, structure and features of a user story will be illustrated in this article through an example.
The role of behaviour-driven development in user stories
Behaviour-driven development encourages teams to formalize their understanding of how the application works with concrete examples.
What is Feature Driven Development and how do we use it?
Feature Driven Development (FDD) is a model-driven short iteration agile framework with a focus on customer centricity and delivering features/features that meet the needs in a timely and quality manner. Its use is particularly widespread in large organis
Interview mistakes you'll definitely not hire anyone with today
It's surprising when a company makes interview mistakes like these, as there's so much competition for good employees these days.
Scrum implementation - Case study
A Scrum implementation case study of the first three years of an agile journey for a finance services company.
Case study - the Nexus decision
Case study on how Scrum teams were aligned using Nexus in a government project.  
Innovation methodology guide
A guide to help you navigate the maze of innovation methodology. Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprint and Agility.
Successful Scrum@Scale - Case Study
How to achieve success with Scrum@Scale in two months? How to get the most out of a very limited resource?
Nexus implementation results - Case study
Nexus was introduced by LogMeIn to a 25-person Scrum team to meet a product launch deadline. What were the results of Nexus?
Team performance model
An introduction to the seven levels of the Team Performance Model, which helps you to understand how a group becomes a team. What are these seven stages?
LIFO method - Development at individual and group level
A tool to develop at the team and individual level is LIFO, in othe words the Life Orientations. It helps us to identify our behavioural patterns.
Is "SMART" your goal?
Knowing an effective target setting method is key to agile operations. We help you do this by introducing the SMART target system.
Increase efficiency, creativity - with houseplants!
Efficiency, creativity and stress reduction are as important in the home office as they are in the office. Plants can help!
Basics of Beyond Budgeting
Beyond Budgeting, as the name suggests, goes well beyond cost planning. It encapsulates a complete management model. It summarises a complete management model with twelve principles, including management principles and governance processes.
Agility in the world of organisational communication
Testing agility in the world of organisational communication. Practical experiences and lessons learned from Agile policy writing.
Home renovation in an agile way
I started the renovation of my home in an agile way, based on the Agile Manifesto. I did the work in sprints, in short iterations.
The result of combining Scrum and Kanban
Scrum and Kanban were used to break the finish line for the Formula student team, and this case study illustrates the challenges and transition.
Experiences of agile transformation 
To describe the experience of agile transformation, what it would be like to work in agile and to understand the essence of how it works.
Do it agile! - Okay, but what? How?
When they say to you, "Do it agile!" but all you get are the questions. Darwin, team sports or any battle will help!
Gossip improves cooperation within the team
Gossip is a double-edged tool. It can poison the office atmosphere, but it can also be a team builder, helping integration and cooperation.
The success of a change agent depends on four key factors. These are motivation, trust, empathy and influence. How can you become an ambassador?
The unFIX model
The unFIX model is the latest alternative to the scaled frameworks we have known so far. A new concept and visualisation by Jurgen Appelo.
The impact of the pandemic on agile teamwork
The impact of the pandemic on companies, individuals and teams. What challenges has it caused for agile teamwork?
The story of the king of fast fashion - Zara case study
The Zara case study shows how Zara became the undisputed king of fast fashion, how agility in fashion was achieved.
Merit Money as a community reward scheme 
Merit Money is a community reward system where colleagues can openly reward each other with virtual points, hearts, coins.
University agile transformation - Case study
In the summer of 2021, I was asked to help a university department run more efficiently. They had heard about agile and wanted to introduce it into their daily work, but they didn't know how to do that.
Inspiration and motivation with agile
Motivation with agile is possible, and this case study shows how Management 3.0 tools can help.
Workplace stress - make it visible - Part I.
Does workplace stress exist in agile environments? What models exist to make it visible? We will show you the Demand-Control Model.
Workplace stress - make it visible - Part II.
What agile tools exist to measure workplace stress and make it visible? For example, the sprint report.
Change Agent Manifesto 
The Change Agent Manifesto supports change ambassadors in shaping their approach and learning new methods.
The responsibility ladder
By using the responsibility ladder, you can make leadership easier while developing your team members. It is a way of delegating responsibility.
The challenges of a change ambassador
Change ambassadors can come from any part of the organisation, but the job of a change manager is not easy. The challenges of being a change ambassador are summarised in this article.
The evidence-based management
The Evidence-Based Management is an empirical approach that helps organisations to continuously improve customer satisfaction, organisational capabilities and business results under conditions of uncertainty. It provides a framework for organisations to d
University Scrum training
Combining academic and practical knowledge will complete the university Scrum training, a case study of a Swiss university's experience.
The impact of hybrid project management
Hybrid project management is holding back companies' progress, although the pandemic has favoured agile. We show the key findings of a Forresters’ study. 
Growth Management 3.0 with leadership thinking
Management 3.0 has become a very popular leadership mindset. We show its benefits and challenges through the example of a brewery.  
9 tips to be a better change ambassador!
A change ambassador is not a role in the organisation, but works with an attitude that supports and inspires.
What does an agile budget look like? 
How is an agile budget different from a traditional budget? What are the benefits for the company? Find out more in our article!
Promoting business agility at Ford 
Successful companies want to create an adaptive - agile - organisation. What does business agility look like at Ford?
The roots of agile 
The roots of agile can be traced back to the 1930s, when Walter Shewhart started using continuous improvement cycles.
How to measure the results of a Scrum team from the customer's perspective - Part Two
In this article, we will look in more detail at measuring the results of Scrum teams by measuring value creation capability, measuring delivery speed and measuring team effectiveness.
How to measure the results of a Scrum team from the customer's perspective - Part One
Organizational leaders like to see how their teams are performing, so we'll look at measuring the results of a Scrum team in this article. How does a team know if it is performing effectively? The performance of a Scrum team is ultimately measured along t
What is agile burnout? 
Burnout is a serious (not only!) workplace problem, which occurs in most workplaces where employees work under high pressure. Eliott Aronson describes burnout as follows. This can lead to a sense of loss of personal identity and, as a result, reduced perf
Radical management
Stephen Denning’s The leader's guide to radical management book is useful for all agile coaches. The RI Reading Recommendation is an introduction to radical management.
Agile or waterfall?
Agile or waterfall? Do you really have to choose between them? Are they mutually exclusive or can they help each other?
Agile in the everyday life of families
Is agility the solution to the challenges of family life? The agile method can be applied to parenting and has an astonishingly positive impact.
Goal or objective? Explained through an example
Clarifying the concepts of goals and objectives, explaining by example how to set up goals and objectives in an agile environment.
Introduction to Lean Portfolio Management
The meaning of Lean Portfolio Management is illustrated by a horticultural example: the process from seed selection to harvesting.
As a leader, you need to know the concepts of empathy and sympathy
In this article, we show why it is important for a leader to use empathy and sympathy in practice and how it affects results.
The history of agile coachings’ development
As the use of agile has become more widespread, a basic definition of good agile coaching skills has been lost, so we decided to present the beginnings.
How to work as a consultant - Subcontractor versus employee
How do we choose the best option for us? Among other things, we asked Zsolt Janovszki, an agile consultant who set up his first independent consultancy 17 years ago.
The agile transformation at OTP Bank started in 2019, with the latest phase of the transformation completed in October 2021. Two consulting firms, RI Consulting and Shiwaforce, were involved in the operational improvement project.
The company's transition to agility started in 2011 and still continues, bringing profound changes to the company’s culture. This agile case study shows how E.ON began its transformation journey.
Delegation Poker - Agile tool for empowerment
Delegation Poker can be used to make it clear who is responsible for what and at what level in the organization or team.
A scaled agile framework - Scrum at Scale
Scrum at Scale (S@S) is one of the agile frameworks that enables Scrum to scale and thus to transform an organization in an agile way.  
First RI-tup
Agility is not just for tech companies : the example of Roche and the Hungarian Bankholding
Scrum implementation through the example of an insurance company
Do you want to improve business processes in the medical department of an international insurance company by implementing Scrum.
7 tips for a successful Daily Scrum
As a Scrum Master, are you struggling with the efficiency of your Daily stand-up? We've got 7 tips to make it fun for both extroverted and introverted colleagues!
How to be an agile leader?
A short self-check to find out what you should be focusing on and to create an efficient development plan for yourself to be an agile leader.
Are you an agile leader?
Are you an agile leader? If so, do you create opportunities or do you disrupt?
What kind of leader do you think you are?
Today, we have to be able to do a lot more things faster and with fewer resources. So, what should leadership be like in these circumstances?


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