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About us

RI Consulting is not your everyday agile consulting company.
Our mission is to equip you with the Agile-mindset, which enables you to introduce agile processes and level-up your effectiveness as quickly as possible.
We not only draw you the map, we walk it through with you.
We guide you to become ‘master’, instead of ‘perpetual student’.

What we do

Enterprise agile transformation

We analyze the operation of your whole organization and guide you through the necessary changes to become Agile

Business unit transformation

You might want to start your Agile path with transforming a business unit first and see what Agile can do for you

Change agent onsite support

Enterprize coach, Agile coach, Agile mentor, Scrum master, Product owner

Agile trainings and courses

Scrum master training, Product owner training, Management 3.0 workshops

Agile quick-wins

Do you want to see what Agile can accomplish? We identify ‘quick-win’ opportunities to achieve results with high business value in just a short amount of time


Struggling with agile? We optimize/rethink/refashion/streamline
your previous transformation

Why to join us?

As our agile expert, you can expect to

Be valued as

Equal partner

Be mentored to

Build your range of
experience & knowledge

Waste no time

No detours

Be guided to​

Find the career path that
suits you the best

Be given you projects

You’re passionate about

Be valued as

Part of an extended expert

How we work

We empower you to master the Agile

You need us to help you not need us

We not only transfer, we transplant our knowledge.

We believe that agile  transformation comes with a mindset change. We equip you to be Agile, not
just do it

Your sustainability is our measure

We aim to provide the highest value within the shortest timeframe

We not only show you the way, we walk it all the way through with you.

We believe that in agile transformation there is no ’they’. The only right approach is ’we’

RI Consulting Founders

Roland Szmola

Zsolt Janovszki

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We are ready to empower you to master the Agile.